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‘They’ tell me successful people (not just successful people in business but people with successful lives) do this and its easy, you can do it too and what a difference it makes.

The time you use now to plan will save you dilly dallying around daily, weekly, monthly or getting to the end of the year and not having moved forward in any way. I heard a Boss tell his young staff member ‘plan your weekend else you will wake up Monday with a hangover and have achieved nothing all weekend’ – do you want to wake up Monday and when asked ‘what you did in the weekend’, you can only reply ‘not much’. Don’t let this be you at the end of the year, make every day count towards your dreams.

If you are in the right frame of mind and ready for a challenge try these two simple daily changes. Setting goals can be overwhelming especially when you go to implement them. Here are two things I do to make sure my goals are forefront of my mind daily.

1 – Morning ritual – a routine with extras (weekdays only)

If you have never planned before in your life you have to be in the right mind to start planning as achieving your ambitions/goals is not a one day wonder but needs continuous work. Like anything you want to build it will take a bit of work over a period of time.

Start the day early it is the most amazing part of the day, the air is crisp and your mind is clear.

Before work (1.5 hours)

  • Exercise
  • Gratitude (never liked this but see story at the bottom of the blog)
  • lite reading and breakfast (important)
  • Prepare yourself for success – shower/dress to look and feel your best

Working on your business – (3.5 hours) – 4 x a week

  • 2 hours to work on Business goals, budgets, accounts, research possibilities, read or listen to motivational books – this time is to be empowering for your business
  • 1.5 hours for a Team Huddle and Client Connections
  • The rest of my day which consists of meetings, projects and/or clients accounts starts at 10.00am to 6.00 – 1/2 hour lunch

As I mentioned in the past I am in no way a fitness guru – I have to talk myself into exercise every time I do it but I no its a ‘must do’ so I get it over and done with early.

2 – Prepare my next day the night before

  • Its amazing what can be achieved with the small amount of time (5 – 10 min) the night before planning for the next day can do.  You are set up just to rock through the next day already knowing what you have planned personally and for business.
  • Prepare for your early evening with no digital device and lots of sleep you will need it for your full day ahead.
  • Don’t forget to plan your weekends – don’t wake up Monday having achieved squat. 

BONUS – Tools I use to help me plan

GOOGLE Keep/Evernote – on this app I can jot down notes I have my Business goals and Personal goals, using separate labels to organize my thoughts.  Each big picture goal has steps and notes to help me achieve my goals.  

Capsule CRM – For your Business Goals – between 6.30 and 8.30 I have the above milestones as tasks to achieve each day/week

GOOGLE CALENDAR – Be strict with your time, if you are self employed treat your hours like you are working for someone else, don’t let personal life interrupt your business time. Up to 10.00 every morning I’m focused and have myself booked out but I allow for changes that will be in my benefit. e.g. BNI networking, Clients Directors meeting – these are early and I work around these on the days it happens. I let my clients know my first meetings will be 10.30 or after.

I was having breakfast with a group of friends at the end of year and a question was raised. What was the highlight of your year? As I pondered my answer thinking it was the visit to Pompeii as part of our Mediterranean cruise when the guy before me answered. He said ‘being able to travel with my lovely wife who is my best friend and we enjoyed the planning together and the journey. We are able to recap our travel memories together daily and laugh or reminisce on things that happened.’ So it wasn’t the places he had been to or the amazing sights he had seen but the simple fact he was grateful for sharing this time with his wife. So now I spend 5 min a day being grateful for the people in my life whom help form it.

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