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Emailing direct to Xero

You can  save time and send your receipts direct to Xero to be loaded as a Bill, attached to a bank feed, attached to a Sales invoices or just to file in a folder your future use.

Here’s what to do:

  • In your business Xero dashboard,  click on the folder on the top right hand side.
  • This will bring up a page with the title ‘Inbox’.  Copy the email address and paste into your Email address bar on your computer and phone.
  • Next time you receive a receipt for coffee, stationery, car parking etc, take a photo and email  it directly to Xero
  • When a bill comes in via email from a supplier email direct to Xero
  • If you still get hardcopy bills you can scan from your printer direct to Xero.  (Note you will need to set up your printer to do this if it has this function)  Or you could take a photo of the bill but its doesn’t come out as clear as a scan.
  • If you have other paperwork you need to send with a sales invoice email it to Xero and attach when you email the invoice.
  • HP, Loans, 31 March Bank statements and anything else you accountant may need for complete your End of Year accounts can be filed in the Xero Folder.
Check out the Xero help guide for more information
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